Nickname: Willy
Beard name: The Knee Weakener
Age: 30
Marital status: Single With A Beard
Occupation: Coal Mine Production Operator
Last time you shaved: Mid May
Favourite quote: If your Dad ain't got a beard, you got 2 Mums!!
Favourite movie: Way too many to choose from! I'll watch anything twice..
Favourite book: No time to read when I'm combing the beard with oil..
Favourite TV show: Anything on Netflix
Favourite food: Savoury Mince & Vegies
Favourite beard fact: Chicks Dig Them
Favourite beard comment: Oh you have a beard, well I won't be needing these then..
Favourite beard in history: ZZ Tops
Biggest dislike: Clean Shaven People
Biggest fear: Waking Up With No Beard