Nickname: Willy
Beard name: Grizzly Adams
Age: 31
Marital status: Single
Kids: None
Occupation: Heavy Machinery Oeperator
Last time you shaved: May 2016
Favourite quote: You Gotta Keep On Keepin On
Favourite movie: Matrix
Favourite book: Escobar
Favourite TV show: Prison Break (Currently)
Favourite food: Salt & Pepper Squid
Favourite beard fact: It's take over 200 muscles to fake an Orgasm, One bearded man can save you all that work!!..
Favourite beard comment: If your father don't have a beard, you got 2 mums!.
Favourite beard in history: Zz Tops
Biggest dislike: Runny Egg In Your Beard
Biggest fear: Shaving My Beard