I'm Hayden. I love spearfishing, having a few beers and joking around. I'm hopeless with the serious stuff which is why I'm glad a charity like bears of Hope was around for my mrs and I when we needed it. Back in 2015 we were expecting our first baby but when we went for a scan at around 12 weeks they couldn't find a heart beat. My mrs and I had a holiday booked so we went away anyway. Obviously she was upset and trying to be the funny guy didn't always go down too well. She ended up in hospital and we were given our bear Grace. I didn't always have the right things to say but that was mostly because I didn't really want her to know what I was feeling, I figured it was no use two of us being upset and down. Grace the bear went to bed with her for months, and my mrs was angry for a while; it tested our relationship. But we got through the experience together and then found out she was expecting again early 2016. This time I was working away. It was hard for her and I think she spent a lot of time worrying that it could happen again. But in August she gave birth to our rainbow baby, a daughter, Delilah. Before she was born I told my mrs I probably wouldn't cry. I was wrong but could you blame me? Like any new dad, to me, she was perfect. It wasn't until Delilah was about 5 weeks that I suddenly thought that if things had worked out the first time around, Delilah would be a little sister to a brother or big sister. It really hit me, and I guess it just goes to show that grief doesn't make appointments. All I can say to other blokes experiencing pregnancy loss is to just keep talking with your partner, don't forget the good things and be honest with each other. You don't always have to be the funny man and that's ok. Grace has a permanent spot in our house looking over Delilah like any good older sibling would.

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