Nickname: Lincoln Poop
Beard name: Chewbearder
Age: Old to to know better.
Marital status: Married to the wonderful Melinda
Kids: Declan(Stillborn) and Hudson (rainbow)
Occupation: IT Guy
Last time you shaved: 31st May Cut Throat shave
Favourite quote: Pantene. It wont happen overnight, but it will happen
Favourite movie: Excalibur/To Kill a Mocking Bird
Favourite book: To Kill a Mocking Bird
Favourite TV show: Fmaily Fued/ M.A.S.H.
Favourite food: FOOD
Favourite beard fact: Sparying aftershave in the beard last longer
Favourite beard comment: my beard does not speak
Favourite beard in history: Obviously Abraham Lincoln of course
Biggest dislike: Hypocrisy
Biggest fear: Spiders and coffee shortages