Nickname: Pox and or Measles
Beard name: Tafe
Age: 30
Marital status: Long term Relationship
Occupation: Sales
Last time you shaved: In Feb, but have had a few trims since so I don't get fired
Favourite quote: That's one small step for beards. One giant leap for beardkind
Favourite movie: Cast Away (for the beard)
Favourite book: Women & Power by Mary Beard
Favourite TV show: Whisker Wars - An inside look at the competitive world of facial hair growing
Favourite food: Anything that is less likely to get stuck in my beard
Favourite beard fact: Growing a beard increases your woodchopping ability by an average of 157%
Favourite beard comment: "I'm not sure if you are homeless or a hipster" - Intoxicated bloke at pub
Favourite beard in history: Tom Piotrowski off the Commbank ads, what a man!
Biggest dislike: Blokes not feeling comfortable to share their emotions with their families/mates
Biggest fear: A world without beards