Nickname: H
Beard name: Spike
Age: 25
Marital status: Married
Kids: 1 angel, 1 due November
Occupation: Carpenter
Last time you shaved: 31st May
Favourite quote: If you ain't first you're last.
Favourite movie: Scott Pilgrim vs The World, Die Hard, Star Wars
Favourite book: Dude, You're Going to Be A Dad!
Favourite TV show: Dexter (Especially the last episode where you see him with a beard)
Favourite food: Chicken Parmigiana. Can't go wrong with a Parmi.
Favourite beard fact: If you take care of your beard, your beard will take care of you. Fact.
Favourite beard comment: It actually suits you. Thank's I grew it myself.
Favourite beard in history: Chuck Norris. Captain Jack Sparrow. Mr Miyagi.
Biggest dislike: That 2 week beard itch!