Nickname: JCB/ Phes/ Jyemar
Age: 20
Marital status: SIngle
Kids: 0
Favourite quotes: A waterfall only started with a drop
Favourite movies: The GOOONIES!
Favourite book: The power of one
Favourite TV shows: Elementary
Favourite food: Don't mind the old Massman Curry
Dislikes: Unhygenic people, screamo music, crocs shoes, the moments between getting out of the shower on a winters morning and getting dressed.
Beard name: the maljyeski or the jyemar
Favourite beard fact: In 1997 , an indian guy by the name of shamsher singh had his beard measured at the impressive length of 1.83m (6FT) Which funnily enough is the same height of myself.
Favourite beard comment: your beard is my inspiration
Last time you shaved: 23/03/2014
Favourite beards in history: Can I have three ? Mine are a bit modern, but it would be between Brian Wilson ex San Fran Giant Pitcher, Tommy Franklin's aka Salty Rain and Hagrid's aka swagrid!
Biggest fear: heights, definitely heights.