“Up until the day I signed up to Beards of hope I had no plans at all to shave my beard, I cannot stress this enough, NONE! I have been growing the beard (Tobias) since November 2012, and have not really even trimmed him in that time, this was the beard of a lifetime. I am sure at some stage I would have neatened up the length... eventually… but the days of ever being clean shaven were over.

As you can tell I love my beard a lot and have embraced everything to do with it, in fact it was through a post on Facebook by Beard Alliance that I discovered the Bears of Hope charity and this particular fundraising effort. I signed up almost immediately (almost against my own will). The reason I did this is because in September 2011 my wife and I lost our son Austin at 20 weeks. It felt like the time to honour his memory and participating in something that benefits families that go through such a devastating event seemed right.

From a personal perspective as someone who went through this without the materials and support offered by Bears of Hope I think what you do is wonderful and wish that I had known about you during my time of grief. I am very eager to at least reach the $1,000 raised goal as a minimum requirement to remove the beard for two reasons: 1. It helps Bears of Hope, and 2. It eases my pain at the thought of being clean shaven.”

Ewan Stewart
Raised $2927.60- 2014 Beards Of Hope