Here are a few suggestions you may like to use:

1) Make sure you have personalised your online fundraising page as much as possible and set your own inspiring fundraising goal. Upload a current photo and include a customised message. Show your donors why you care and how their support will make a difference. You may like to use this example.

2) Email blast all your contacts telling them what you are doing and why. Ask for their help with any amount to help you reach your fundraising goal of $X. You might like to email your family and closest friends first, then other potential supporters. You may also do this through facebook, twitter or Linked In.

3) Be sure to thank every one of your donors whether that be privately or on your facebook page. However, when others see you thanking your friends on facebook for their donations, it may also inspire others to make a donation.

4) Include a link or image in your email signature to your fundraising page. We have campaign images on our website you can use

5) Upload new photos to your page or add to your description to keep everyone informed of your progress. Each time you make a significant change, consider sending another email/facebook message about the progress you are making. Also - don't forget about instagram! Gramming your progress and using #hashtags are a great way of connecting with like-minded people, and getting some inspiration and motivation along the way.

6) Ask your work if you can put up a Beards of Hope poster with your facebook page url on it, to encourage donations to your page. Ask to be included on your employer's website or newsletter.

7) Consider holding a community fundraiser ie raffle, Bunnings BBQ fundraiser (great if there is a team of you), coin box collection, work fundraiser to coincide with your online fundraising. You will need to complete this application form first to receive an Authority To Fundraise on our behalf. Some Fundraising Ideas you may like to check out.

8) Video your progress. Include on your fundraising page, youtube, facebook etc. Send in to the Beards of Hope facebook page.

9) We encourage you to contact your local newspaper or radio station with your story and link to the beards of hope website as well as your url page. We would love wide exposure on this year’s campaign.

10) If you reach your fundraising goal, update it to a new one to continue inspiring donors to help you reach it.

11) A week prior to the end of financial year, reach out again to your contacts encouraging a last minute tax deductible donation towards your page.