• Nick Wellard

    Nickname: Wellard
    Beard name: Bushy
    Age: 30
    Marital status: Married
    Kids: Ruby and Lola
    Occupation: Manager
    Last time you shaved: June
    Favourite quote: Im sorry, i can't hear you over my awesome beard.
    Favourite movie: The Godfather's
    Favourite book: Anything my kids want as a bed time story.
    Favourite TV show: Vikings.
    Favourite food: Steak
    Favourite beard fact: He who sacrifices his beard for a woman deserves neither.
    Favourite beard in history: Ned Kelly
    Biggest dislike: Most people
    Biggest fear: My children in pain.
  • Brendon Williams

    Nickname: Willy
    Beard name: The Knee Weakener
    Age: 30
    Marital status: Single With A Beard
    Occupation: Coal Mine Production Operator
    Last time you shaved: Mid May
    Favourite quote: If your Dad ain't got a beard, you got 2 Mums!!
    Favourite movie: Way too many to choose from! I'll watch anything twice..
    Favourite book: No time to read when I'm combing the beard with oil..
    Favourite TV show: Anything on Netflix
    Favourite food: Savoury Mince & Vegies
    Favourite beard fact: Chicks Dig Them
    Favourite beard comment: Oh you have a beard, well I won't be needing these then..
    Favourite beard in history: ZZ Tops
    Biggest dislike: Clean Shaven People
    Biggest fear: Waking Up With No Beard
  • John S

    Age: 36
    Occupation: HR Supervisor
    Last time you shaved: 31/5/16
    Favourite quote: Don't touch my drumkit
    Favourite book: Manhood - Steve Biddulph
    Favourite TV show: Suits
    Favourite beard in history: Colonel Sanders
    Biggest dislike: Mayonnaise
    Biggest fear: Frogs..actually a frog covered in mayonnaise would do me in!
  • Lincoln Parker

    Nickname: LincolnPoop
    Beard name: The Growth
    Age: 40
    Marital status: Married
    Kids: Declan Noah - The reason why I am doing this
    Occupation: IT Nerd
    Last time you shaved: May 31st
    Favourite quote: "If you run off Renouf enough, you will score more tries"
    Favourite movie: To Kill a Mockingbird
    Favourite book: To Kill a Mockingbird
    Favourite TV show: Friday Night Lights
    Favourite food: Any
    Favourite beard in history: Abraham Lincoln
    Biggest dislike: People talking loud enough so you can hear the conversation
    Biggest fear: Basically read Nelson Mandela's Speech. It says it all.
  • Stephen Clarke

    Age: 35
    Marital status: Married
    Last time you shaved: 30th May
    Favourite quote: "The trouble with quotes found on the internet is that you can be certain they're authentic" - Abraham Lincoln
    Favourite movie: Snatch
    Favourite book: The Power of One
    Favourite TV show: Vikings
    Favourite food: Beef jerky
    Favourite beard fact: Beards dramatically improve your woodchopping ability
    Biggest fear: Heights
  • Paul Sharman

    Nickname: Sharmo
    Beard name: Pablo
    Age: 39
    Marital status: Separated
    Kids: 2 Boys and our angel Harper
    Occupation: Swim Coach
    Last time you shaved: 31st May 2016
    Favourite quote: "Don't cry because it's over, smile because it happened" Dr Seuss
    Biggest dislike: Shaving
    Biggest fear: Losing a child
  • Brent Richardson

    Nickname: Oggy
    Beard name: Won't grow
    Age: 39
    Marital status: Married
    Kids: 2 an one on the way
    Occupation: Installer
    Last time you shaved: 26/5/16
    Favourite quote: She will be right
    Favourite movie: Ned kelly
    Favourite book: Fishing
    Favourite TV show: IFISH
    Favourite food: Steak
    Biggest fear: Not seeing my kids
  • Lance Fitzpatrick

    Nickname: Fitzy
    Beard name: It's Gonna get UGLy (HVMC Beards of Hope) UGL Limited
    Age: 49
    Marital status: Married
    Kids: 2 Beautiful Girls 25 & 16
    Occupation: Storeman/T.A, Stubby Holder Tube Maker
    Last time you shaved: 01/05/2016
    Favourite quote: Live Your Dreams
    Favourite movie: Fast & Furious (All)
    Favourite book: Ned Kelly
    Favourite TV show: Sport
    Favourite food: Burgers
    Favourite beard fact: Never had one so this could be interesting!
    Favourite beard in history: Ned Kelly
    Biggest dislike: Arrogant People
    Biggest fear: Burning
  • Travis Southern

    Nickname: Ravis
    Beard name: TOM
    Age: 36
    Marital status: Yes
    Kids: 3
    Occupation: Electrician
    Last time you shaved: 31/5/16
    Biggest dislike: Smokers
  • Troy Mason

    Nickname: Duggy
    Beard name: Bum fluff
    Age: 32
    Marital status: Set for life
    Kids: 1
    Occupation: Vin diesel stunt double
    Last time you shaved: 31/05/2016
    Favourite quote: Here's some concrete
    Favourite movie: Star wars
    Favourite book: Bunnings catalogue
    Favourite TV show: The Simpsons
    Favourite food: Pizza shapes
    Biggest dislike: My job
    Biggest fear: Broncos beating the Cowboys
  • Arran Willcocks

    Nickname: Aza
    Beard name: Bushy
    Age: 41
    Marital status: Married
    Kids: 6, 5 Earthly sunshines 1 Angel Tobias
    Occupation: Coal train driver
    Last time you shaved: 22/5/2016
    Favourite quote: When life gets too hard to stand, kneel.
    Favourite movie: Action/Adventure Movies
    Favourite book: Book of Mormon
    Favourite TV show: NCIS
    Favourite food: Wife's cooking
    Favourite beard fact: Beards are the world no#1 weapon in defence of Zombies
    Favourite beard comment: To beard or not to beard
    Favourite beard in history: Jesus
    Biggest dislike: Walking into a spider web
  • Paul Steel

    Nickname: Steely
    Beard name: Mr T (Mr Travis)
    Age: 26
    Marital status: Defacto
    Kids: 1 Travis
    Occupation: Electrician
    Last time you shaved: 21/5/16
    Favourite quote: Swallow your pride, stop thinking, just give it a go
    Favourite movie: Die Hard
    Favourite TV show: Game of Thrones, Hell on Wheels
    Favourite food: Pizza
    Favourite beard fact: Beards can order drink in any language (because all you need is whiskey and beer!)
    Favourite beard in history: Wildling in Game of Thrones
    Biggest dislike: The mrs asking is it frustrating that I'm annoying or annoying that I'm frustrating!
    Biggest fear: Snakes
  • Tim Threadgate

    Nickname: Timmy
    Beard name: Henry
    Age: 34
    Marital status: Married
    Kids: 2 in Heaven
    Occupation: Postie
    Last time you shaved: 31/5/16
    Favourite quote: "If I call u brother it's cause u have earnt my respect"
    Favourite movie: Lord of The Rings Return of The King
    Favourite book: The Bible
    Favourite TV show: Big Bang Theory
    Favourite food: Chicken Stroganoff
    Favourite beard fact: It's ginger whereas I have dark hair
    Favourite beard in history: Abe Lincoln
    Biggest dislike: Bullies
    Biggest fear: Spiders
  • Joshua Tipene

    Nickname: Joshy
    Beard name: Scruffy
    Age: 42
    Marital status: Engaged
    Kids: One, our sleeping angel Sebastion
    Occupation: Salesman for The Good Guys at Warners Bay
    Last time you shaved: 1st June 2016
    Favourite quote: Get busy living or get busy dying - The Shawshank Redemption
    Favourite movie: Star Wars
    Favourite book: Good Omens by Terry Pratchett and Neil Gaimen
    Favourite TV show: The Sopranos
    Favourite food: Anything spicy!
    Favourite beard fact: Beards are almost completely immune to sarcasm
    Favourite beard comment: If your Dad doesn't have a beard... You've got 2 Mums
    Favourite beard in history: Chuck Norris
    Biggest dislike: Selfishness and cruelty to any living thing - especially animals
  • Nick Moore

    Beard name: Roughneck
    Age: 31
    Marital status: Married
    Kids: Oliver almost 3, Arielle the Angel
    Occupation: Construction
    Last time you shaved: May 31, 2016
    Favourite quote: We are only gonna die from our own arrogance; that's why we might as well take our time ~Sublime
    Favourite movie: Team America World Police
    Favourite book: Robinson Crusoe by Daniel Defoe
    Favourite TV show: Game of Thrones
    Favourite food: Mexican
    Favourite beard fact: Dramatically increases your wood-chopping capabilities
    Favourite beard comment: Excuse me, Miss my eyes are up here
    Favourite beard in history: Black Beard
    Biggest dislike: Stupidity
    Biggest fear: Losing another kid
  • Sam Latham

    Nickname: Sambo
    Beard name: She Calls It Gross
    Age: 27
    Marital status: Defacto
    Kids: 2
    Occupation: Self employed Earthmover/Landscaper
    Last time you shaved: August 31 2015
    Favourite food: Nachos
    Favourite beard in history: Ned Kelly
    Biggest dislike: Stupidity
    Biggest fear: Filthy cockroaches
  • Tim Thompson

    Nickname: Chainsnore
    Beard name: Ralph
    Age: 42
    Marital status: Defacto
    Kids: 2
    Occupation: Technical coordinator
    Last time you shaved: 31-5-16
    Favourite quote: Artificial intelligence is no match for natural stupidity
    Favourite movie: Ace Ventura
    Favourite TV show: Game of Thrones
    Favourite food: Pizza
    Biggest dislike: Arrogance and cucumber
    Biggest fear: Being squashed and not being able to get up