• Adam Newton

    Nickname: Elmo
    Age: 21 and 36 quarters
    Marital status: tbc
    Kids: probably
    Guernsey number: #6
    Years at Nor-West Jets: 5ish
    Occupation: self employed
    Favourite quote: "beards are hot" Abraham Lincoln
    Favourite movie: cashback
    Favourite book: where did i come from
    Favourite tv show: South Park
    Favourite food: Anything that is classified as 'dirty bulking'
    Dislikes: Johnathon Brown, Brisbane Lions and Ripping off Australian farmers
    Your beard name: Dirty Mike
    Favourite beard fact: Beards are a natural lubricant
    Favourite beard comment: "that beard is god-like" - wheels 29/3/2014
    Last time you shaved: shaved???
    Favourite beard in history: Kareem Abdul Jabar
    Biggest fear: raccoons
  • Adrian Raftery

    Nickname: Rafters, Mr Taxman, Larry
    Age: 15,560 days & counting
    Marital status: Married to Kylie
    Kids: 2 – Hamish on earth and ~Sophie Cleo~ in heaven
    Favourite quotes: “The pain doesn’t last but the memories will” John Maclean’s motivational speech to us before 2001 grand final victory with Parramatta Goannas
    Favourite movies: Jerry Maguire, The Hangover, Pretty Woman
    Favourite book: 101 Ways to Save Money on Your Tax – Legally! 2014-2015 edition (out now in all good book stores!)
    Favourite TV shows: Packed to the Rafters, AFL 360
    Favourite food: Hamburger with the lot, chips and 4 scallops please!
    Dislikes: Synchronized swimming, spicy food, being asked for tax advice at 2.45am (after a dozen beers), women with beards
    Beard name: Ned
    Favourite beard fact: The collective noun for a group of beards is a bushel
    Favourite beard comment: Your beard is so fat … that not even Dora can explore it!
    Last time you shaved: 19 April 2014 (48 days and counting)
    Favourite beards in history: Noel ‘Crusher’ Cleal, Ned Kelly, Santa Claus & Jack Lynch (lifelong family friend)
    Biggest fear: Being compared to Kyle Sandilands with this beard
  • Damian Fenech

    Nickname: Damo
    Age: 30
    Marital status: Married
    Kids: ~Levi~ (our Angel baby) and Harvey
    Favourite quotes: Time is a tool, not a couch (JFK)
    Favourite movies: Blade Runner
    Favourite book: The Last Lecture
    Favourite TV shows: True Detective
    Favourite food: Pizza
    Dislikes: Hypocrites
    Beard name: Fidel
    Favourite beard fact: In Sparta, as a sign of cowardess, soldiers would shave off a man's beard
    Favourite beard comment: "St Damian's beard!" - Ron Burgundy
    Last time you shaved: 30/5/14
    Favourite beards in history: Fidel Castro
    Biggest fear: Spiders that nest in facial hair during the winter.
  • Daniel Guthridge

    Nickname: Guffo
    Age: 29
    Marital status: Single
    Kids: Nope
    Favourite quotes: "They call them fingers but I've never seen them fing"
    Favourite movies: Anchorman
    Favourite TV shows: Breaking bad
    Favourite food: Massaman curry
    Dislikes: Bad music
    Beard name: Beardy McBeardington
    Favourite beard fact: Sporting a beard lets u instinctively know where the closest mountain is
    Favourite beard comment: 'That beard is growing a man!'
    Last time you shaved: 1st December 2013
    Favourite beards in history: Charles Darwin
    Biggest fear: Losing my beard in a freak beard losing accident
  • James Moynihan

    Nickname: Spesh
    Age: 22
    Marital status: In a relationship
    Kids: none
    Favourite quotes: Shhttap lookin at me swwwwaaannn
    Favourite movies: Remember the Titans
    Favourite book: The Great Gatsby
    Favourite TV shows: Big Bang Theory
    Favourite food: Pizza
    Dislikes: Tomatoes
    Beard name: Two Tone Malone
    Favourite beard fact: A beard can be turned into a compass by sprinkling metal shavings into it and dampening.
    Favourite beard comment: That is the most disgusting thing I have seen.
    Last time you shaved: March
    Favourite beards in history: Abe Lincoln
    Biggest fear: That my whole beard will turn red
  • Joshua Tipene

    Nickname: Joshy
    Age: 40
    Marital status: Engaged
    Kids: 1 our angel son Sebastian
    Favourite quotes: "Get busy living or get busy dying" The Shawshank Redemption
    Favourite movies: Star Wars
    Favourite book: Good Omens by Terry Pratchett & Neil Gaiman
    Favourite TV shows: The Sopranos
    Favourite food: Lamb Shanks
    Dislikes: Gossip & whinging
    Beard name: Scruffy
    Favourite beard fact: Beards make you 63% more likely to win staring contests
    Favourite beard comment: If your Dad doesn't have a beard...you've got 2 Mums
    Last time you shaved: 1st July 2014
    Favourite beards in history: Yosimite Sam
    Biggest fear: Monday mornings...
  • Jye Charlton - Brennan

    Nickname: JCB/ Phes/ Jyemar
    Age: 20
    Marital status: SIngle
    Kids: 0
    Favourite quotes: A waterfall only started with a drop
    Favourite movies: The GOOONIES!
    Favourite book: The power of one
    Favourite TV shows: Elementary
    Favourite food: Don't mind the old Massman Curry
    Dislikes: Unhygenic people, screamo music, crocs shoes, the moments between getting out of the shower on a winters morning and getting dressed.
    Beard name: the maljyeski or the jyemar
    Favourite beard fact: In 1997 , an indian guy by the name of shamsher singh had his beard measured at the impressive length of 1.83m (6FT) Which funnily enough is the same height of myself.
    Favourite beard comment: your beard is my inspiration
    Last time you shaved: 23/03/2014
    Favourite beards in history: Can I have three ? Mine are a bit modern, but it would be between Brian Wilson ex San Fran Giant Pitcher, Tommy Franklin's aka Salty Rain and Hagrid's aka swagrid!
    Biggest fear: heights, definitely heights.
  • Liam Hannan

    Nickname: Lios
    Age: 17
    Marital status: Single
    Kids: None
    Favourite quotes: "It's not who you are underneath, but its what you do that defines you".
    Favourite movies: The Dark Knight
    Favourite TV shows: Sherlock
    Favourite food: Medium Rare Steak
    Dislikes: Being blamed for stuff I don't do!
    Beard name: The Bearded Ginger
    Favourite beard fact: Lifting wieghts increases beard growth due to it producing more testosterone, testosterone helps hair grow faster
    Favourite beard comment: "When mint boys have mint beards"
    Last time you shaved: June 1st
    Favourite beards in history: Dan Bilzerien's
    Biggest fear: Spiders!
  • Louis Butler

    Nickname: Louie/Monkey
    Age: 21
    Marital status: Single
    Kids: Don't think so
    Favourite quotes: If your dad doesn't have a beard you've got two mums
    Favourite movies: Zoolander
    Favourite book: Anything with pictures in it
    Favourite TV shows: Sesame Street or maybe Dr Phil
    Favourite food: Anything that doesn't get caught in the beard.
    Dislikes: Dunno
    Beard name: Rhiannon
    Favourite beard fact: Dramatically increases wood chopping ability
    Favourite beard comment: (from my sister) Shave that it looks crap
    Last time you shaved: November
    Favourite beards in history: Santa
    Biggest fear: Snakes