• Josh

    Nickname: Bushy
    Beard name: Gimlie
    Age: 34
    Marital status: Gimlie
    Kids: 2, 1 angel and another due October
    Last time you shaved: End of April
    Favourite quote: Manners, maketh the Man
    Favourite movie: Deadpool
    Favourite book: Bible
    Favourite TV show: Big bang theory
    Favourite food: Pizza
    Favourite beard fact: Chuck Norris has a hidden fist under his beard
    Favourite beard in history: Gimlie
    Biggest dislike: Not having a beard
    Biggest fear: Failure
  • Brendon Williams

    Nickname: Big Willy
    Beard name: Mjolnir
    Age: 32
    Marital status: Single Pringle Needs The Beard To Mingle
    Kids: 0 (No.1 Uncle)
    Occupation: Coal Miner, Community Manager & Racing Investor
    Last time you shaved: 2017
    Favourite quote: If ya dad ain’t got a beard ya got two mums..
    Favourite movie: Blow
    Favourite book: American Desperado
    Favourite TV show: Animal Kingdom
    Favourite food: Steak
    Favourite beard fact: Beard, it’s a passport to being awesome!
    Favourite beard comment: Grows a beard, wins an Oscar
    Favourite beard in history: Abraham Lincoln
    Biggest dislike: Blokes with no beards
    Biggest fear: Shaving
  • Andrew

    Beard name: Hairy Houdini
    Kids: 2 living and one that slept without waking
    Last time you shaved: End of May
    Favourite beard fact: Out of the members of ZZ Top, the only one that has no beard is named Frank Beard
  • Garreth Robbs

    Nickname: Robbsy
    Beard name: Stubble O'Bill
    Age: 29
    Marital status: Married
    Kids: 1
    Occupation: Chef
    Last time you shaved: 30th May
    Favourite quote: A man doesn't grow a beard, a beard grows a man
    Favourite movie: Super Troopers
    Favourite book: Kitchen Confidential
    Favourite TV show: Suits
    Favourite food: Lamb Cutlets
    Favourite beard fact: The fact that I can grow one and Luke Johnston can't
    Favourite beard comment: Wow! You actually grew a beard
    Favourite beard in history: Chuck Norris
    Biggest dislike: People who don't donate to the 'Crumb Catchers'
    Biggest fear: My wife leaving when I shave off the beard
  • Joel Page

    Nickname: Sparra
    Beard name: Mr Beard
    Age: 27
    Marital status: Engaged
    Kids: 2
    Occupation: Youth Worker
    Last time you shaved: Three months ago (April 2018)
    Favourite quote: Luke Johnston is a nerd
    Favourite movie: Toy Story 3
    Favourite book: Holes
    Favourite TV show: Love island
    Favourite food: KFC
    Favourite beard fact: Both women and men can grow beards
    Favourite beard comment: Has your eyebrows come down for a drink. (When I have a moustache)
    Favourite beard in history: Ned Kelly
    Biggest dislike: Luke Johnston’s cat.
    Biggest fear: Losing Luke Johnston in a house full of cats
  • Brett Stanton

    Nickname: BS, Carney, HLF
    Beard name: McMerkin
    Age: 31
    Marital status: De Facto
    Kids: None
    Occupation: CSA
    Last time you shaved: June
    Favourite movie: Scarface
    Favourite book: The Sunday Smuggler
    Favourite TV show: Banged Up Abroad
    Favourite food: Tandoori Chicken
    Favourite beard fact: Norwegian man Hans Langseth holds the record for world’s longest beard.
    Favourite beard comment: ...but my beard will still look good when I’m old.
    Favourite beard in history: Fidel Castro
    Biggest dislike: Not matching belts with shoes
    Biggest fear: Bees
  • Craig Poxon

    Nickname: Pox and or Measles
    Beard name: Tafe
    Age: 30
    Marital status: Long term Relationship
    Occupation: Sales
    Last time you shaved: In Feb, but have had a few trims since so I don't get fired
    Favourite quote: That's one small step for beards. One giant leap for beardkind
    Favourite movie: Cast Away (for the beard)
    Favourite book: Women & Power by Mary Beard
    Favourite TV show: Whisker Wars - An inside look at the competitive world of facial hair growing
    Favourite food: Anything that is less likely to get stuck in my beard
    Favourite beard fact: Growing a beard increases your woodchopping ability by an average of 157%
    Favourite beard comment: "I'm not sure if you are homeless or a hipster" - Intoxicated bloke at pub
    Favourite beard in history: Tom Piotrowski off the Commbank ads, what a man!
    Biggest dislike: Blokes not feeling comfortable to share their emotions with their families/mates
    Biggest fear: A world without beards
  • Jason

    Age: 39
    Marital status: Single
    Kids: 3
    Occupation: IT Support
    Last time you shaved: May 2018
    Favourite quote: If you worry about what everyone is trying to do, you become a spectator and not a player.
    Favourite movie: Guardians of the Galaxy
    Favourite book: Seven Ancient Wonders (Matthew Reilly)
    Favourite TV show: Shameless (U.S.)
    Favourite beard fact: The only king without a moustache in a deck of cards is the king of hearts.
    Favourite beard in history: Ned Kelly
  • Hayden Crawford

    Nickname: H
    Beard name: Spike
    Age: 25
    Marital status: Married
    Kids: 1 angel, 1 due November
    Occupation: Carpenter
    Last time you shaved: 31st May
    Favourite quote: If you ain't first you're last.
    Favourite movie: Scott Pilgrim vs The World, Die Hard, Star Wars
    Favourite book: Dude, You're Going to Be A Dad!
    Favourite TV show: Dexter (Especially the last episode where you see him with a beard)
    Favourite food: Chicken Parmigiana. Can't go wrong with a Parmi.
    Favourite beard fact: If you take care of your beard, your beard will take care of you. Fact.
    Favourite beard comment: It actually suits you. Thank's I grew it myself.
    Favourite beard in history: Chuck Norris. Captain Jack Sparrow. Mr Miyagi.
    Biggest dislike: That 2 week beard itch!
  • Anthony Hales

    Nickname: AJ
    Age: 31
    Marital status: Married
    Kids: 7
    Occupation: Dump Truck Driver
    Last time you shaved: September 2015
    Favourite quote: Hmm..
    Favourite movie: Running on empty
    Favourite book: Don't read books
    Favourite TV show: The Simpsons
    Favourite food: Pasta
    Favourite beard fact: Science has shown beards rarely sleep
    Favourite beard comment: Long live the beard
    Favourite beard in history: Ned Kelly
    Biggest dislike: Whingers
    Biggest fear: Snakes
  • Karl Verhoef

    Nickname: Krazy
    Beard name: Crumb Bucket
    Age: 32
    Marital status: Engaged
    Kids: 2
    Occupation: High pressure water manipulation specialist
    Last time you shaved: Some time in early 2016
    Favourite quote: "Sticking feathers up your butt does not make you a chicken"
    Favourite movie: American history X
    Favourite book: The Devils tear drop
    Favourite TV show: Boston Legal
    Favourite food: Burgers
    Favourite beard fact: It fits on your face
    Favourite beard in history: Kerry king
    Biggest dislike: People
    Biggest fear: Not being a good father
  • Paul Steel

    Nickname: Steely
    Beard name: TDS
    Age: 29
    Marital status: De Facto
    Kids: 2 (our angel Travis and our rainbow Alyssa)
    Occupation: Electrician
    Last time you shaved: 26/02/2018 Travis 2nd birthday
    Favourite movie: Die Hard
    Favourite book: The Newspaper
    Favourite TV show: Blue Heelers
    Favourite food: Cheese and pizza
    Favourite beard fact: they can grow over 4 time's a man's height
    Favourite beard in history: Tormund from GOT
    Biggest fear: snakes
  • Brendan

    Nickname: Brendo
    Beard name: El Patcho
    Age: 28
    Marital status: Married
    Occupation: Labourer- Parks and Gardens
    Last time you shaved: 30th May
    Favourite quote: ‘You’ll have to speak up, I’m wearing a towel’
    Favourite movie: Borat
    Favourite book: Scar Tissue- Anthony Kedis
    Favourite TV show: Family Guy or The Simpsons
    Favourite food: Italian
    Favourite beard fact: Family Guy or The Simpsons
    Favourite beard comment: "Wow, it’s El Patcho’
    Favourite beard in history: Hugh Jackman
    Biggest dislike: Arrogance
    Biggest fear: Snakes
  • Matthew Glaves

    Nickname: Scruffy
    Beard name: The Fuzz
    Age: 25
    Marital status: Married
    Kids: 1 on the way
    Occupation: Joiner
    Last time you shaved: 2013
    Favourite movie: Rockstar
    Favourite book: Hell island
    Favourite TV show: Brooklyn nine-nine
    Favourite food: Mexican
    Favourite beard fact: Makes you 73% better at chopping wood
    Favourite beard comment: That beard gave birth to jesus
    Favourite beard in history: Phil Robertson
    Biggest dislike: People are going to touch it
  • Ian Persini

    Age: 43
    Marital status: Married
    Kids: Faith - Angel, Molly -3, Gracie -Angel
    Occupation: Teacher
    Last time you shaved: Early May