It's Your Call. Reach Out How You Can.

Take the first step that works for you. Connect with our support team for confidential and one-on-one counselling at no charge to you, with flexible options and availability times. If talking to other dads feels more right for you at this time, we help you to link up with them for shared peer support.

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When It's Your Time To Talk


Our knowledgeable and understanding counsellors (male and female counsellors available) are here to support you with a confidential chat when you’re ready. No matter how far along the pregnancy was, or whether your loss was recent or in the past.

Sessions: 50 mins by appointment.


Speak face-to-face (virtually) within a safe environment. Our counsellors use earphones to ensure chat privacy and our online platform operates with a secure “closed door” function.

Sessions: 50 mins by appointment.

Online Chat:

We understand that not everyone is ready to talk verbally. This online service enables you to click into a text chat and see your counsellor, and you can choose to share your screen if you wish.

Sessions: 50 mins by appointment.

In Person:

When you feel that talking face-to-face is your next step, we are here for you. With locations in locations covering the North West and South East of Sydney, we offer our time and guidance with no pressure or expectations.

Sessions: 50 mins by appointment.

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Get Connected

Tee up with other dads that have experienced pregnancy and infant loss. We facilitate a private and secure WhatsApp group where you can share a thought or post a photo, and know the people on the other side will get it. Many dads have made great mates through chatting.

It’s pretty simple. Request to join by sending a text to 0422 447 268 with your name and a short message or email with your details. The group administrator will be in touch with a few short questions before approval.

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Get Connected

If talk and chat isn’t feeling right just yet, you can still keep in touch with our
community and others who’ve been where you are. With feeds on Facebook,
Instagram, Youtube and Vimeo, get connected with all that the Beards of Hope
support network offers.

Hear dads share their experiences and how they’re making headway in healing and coping strategies.
Check out photos and footage of events geared to help dads find their feet.
Meet our brave-hearted beard growers achieving great feats in the pursuit of facial hair!
Connect through one of our Facebook groups. These groups are private, forums for bereaved parents (and one for family and friends) across Australia. They are an opportunity to speak when it’s too hard in person, and a place to start healing with those who understand.