Ways To Give

There are many ways to show support and help us to continue our mission to provide valuable support services and connection to Fathers who have experienced the loss of their baby doing pregnancy or infancy. We offer Beards Corporate Sponsorship opportunities (levels business of all sizes), along to the option to donate directly to Beards of Hope or sponsor a mate who is participating in one of our campaigns. You can also purchase a Bears of Hope bear to be donated to a grieving family in honor of your baby, or a mates.

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With a beard, start to bare it.
Sign up to grow a beard & raise
funds for Bears Of Hope this Winter.

Scruffy or groomed. Lengthy or cropped. All beards are wanted in winter 2024.

Registrations are OPEN!!

Until August 31, come forth and grow a beard in a brotherhood of support for those doing it tough after the loss of a baby through miscarriage, stillbirth, neonatal or infant loss.

A beard is a way to show support, build awareness and raise life-changing funds to help families hurting from their loss. This is a community campaign where strength comes from more beards on deck…dads who have experienced loss, their mates, family members and colleagues.

Let us Help You
Help Him

At a time of loss like this, it’s hard to know how to support a mate. You might be a close friend, a sporting buddy, or a workmate. You want to step up and help, but how? That first step to reach out could be too much of a hurdle on his own. He might not be ready, but you can be.

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Baby Loss Effects Dads Too

Baby Loss Affects
Dads Too

We’re here to make sure the grief of a bereaved dad isn’t an afterthought. Our mission is to be the support network that looks after dads who’ve experienced the loss of a baby during pregnancy, birth and infancy. An open door to ongoing support, counselling and connections.

Of Hope

We offer support and advocacy for dads that have experienced baby and infant loss, including a vital fundraising campaign platform enabling ongoing supportive care for their families. With support resources geared to dads, we help them to start putting one foot in front of the other.

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Beards of HopeBeards of Hope

how beards supports you

Whether this was your first time becoming a dad, or if you already have kids, our door is open. We provide an informal and neutral place to connect with other dads who understand, find information and support, and share grief in your own way and in your own time.

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Of Hope

A registered non-profit organisation, Bears Of Hope provides leading support and exceptional care for families who experience the loss of their baby. Dedicated to the care of others, we are the parent org of Beards of Hope, and our guidance and support encompasses counselling, in person support groups, private online groups, community events and a resource library.

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Bears of Hope

The Blokes With The Beards

“My partner Brooke and I have lost two babies this year alone due to early miscarriage. It has been a tough year, but couldn't have done it without the support of family and friends."

Shawn Williams

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“I can't speak for all the dads out there, but for me, the first moment I held my children in my arms after their birth was when I felt I actually became a father. Sure, we see the baby bump growing, and we're involved in the mood swings and weird dietary demands during pregnancy, but it wasn't until I held my firstborn that I became a dad."

Paul Sharman

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“During that time there were countless people that offered their support, and I am very grateful that we live in a country community that cares, and have supportive mates who aren't afraid to ask how I'm going and then are prepared to listen when I need to share..”

Mark Habner

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"We have been touched by the loss of a colleague's, child..”

Lance Fitzpatrick

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“Being the Dad to two amazing daughters it has made me cherish every moment with them as time is precious and it's sad that some parents don't get that experience”

Jason Woodward

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When It's Hard
To See The Future, You Can Start here.

“I didn’t carry our baby...
but I need a hand to carry the loss.”

The grief of losing a baby is hard to put into words. Just as much so for dads. Since 2014 Beards of Hope has been the safe place where fathers can come together with others who get it. Being supported, sharing space and time, mates helping each other heal.